Beauty Supply Burbank

Imagine it’s prom night, your hair looks like a mess, mom’s out of town and you only have 2 hours until the big night. Don’t worry. Come over to a beauty supply in Burbank and let a professionally trained staff member help you find the perfect product for your one perfect night. Everyone of the staff members at Dream Supply Salon, knows each product inside and out. If you need your hair to shine, fuzz, drape or mash together we have the brands you need.

Beauty Supply Burbank has hundreds of products on hand to help guys and girls find the perfect hair style, color and feel. Come on over and use one of our coupons to get the best price possible. Our staff train to meet the needs of thousands of hair styles that girls, guys, children and adults have, every year. Stop on by and meet with one of our team members today!

Beauty Supply Burbank
3001 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
Tel: 818-861-7655
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